Text Express - Word Adventure is a category-defining word game, that combines challenging word puzzles and an engaging story in a way never seen before.

Travel the world of Text Express with Tilly in her family's old train. Discover gorgeous destinations and charming characters along the way to unlock Tilly's destiny!

All aboard the Text Express!

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  • Tons of word puzzles - Pick fruits, watch stars, pick locks, observe animals, explore ruins and many more variations
  • Find words and unlock the story - Make words that influence the actions of the characters and drive the story forward
  • Customize your train - Earn dazzling train parts and design your train to your own liking
  • Explore the world - Travel the world to find many exciting landmarks and interesting characters!
  • Souvenir collection - With so much to see and do, your special souvenir collection will grow as you explore
  • Immersive Stories - Mysteries, family secrets, drama, comedy, adventure, love - Tilly will experience it all! Unlock stories with every new chapter and help Tilly become the author of her own life.
    A World

User reviews

“I am loving this game. The story line is different and really fun. The graphics are amazing and the gameplay gets more challenging with each level. Exactly everything I look for in Word Games. Keep up the great work. A big 2 thumbs up.”

" I love this game. I play a lot of word games but this is my favorite. The graphics are gorgeous and the story line is phenomenal."

“ Every once in a while, a game comes along that has all the right aspects of what you want in gaming. Text Express is that game for me. The wonder of travel by train, word puzzles, charming artwork, great music, interesting characters and just the right amount of emotion. ”

“Love the story and game. It's actually the only story I follow of all the games I play.”

" Very nice design, beautiful graphics, and love the female main character. "



Text Express - Word Adventure

Story Giant Games

(Based in Weert, Netherlands)

Release Date:
Textember (September)

2022 Platforms:

iOS and Android


Free (in-app purchases)




E for Everyone


Story Giant is a small indie game studio that stands for great emotional storytelling in games. We pride ourselves in creating characters you want to spend time with and worlds you want to live in.

Story Giant is formed by people who worked on the successful time management series: Delicious, Heart’s Medicine and Criminal Minds.


Inclusivity and particularly the celebration of women are an integral part of our mission at Gamehouse Original Stories ever since it was founded in 1998. Some of our most recent female led titles include: Delicious World, Amber's Airlines , Fabulous Angela, Sally's Salon & Heart's Medicine.

Therefore a game with a young and inspirational female engineer in the lead role, made Text Express a very logical fit for a publishing collaboration.

We understand the powerful role of female characters and genuinely care how they are portrayed in gaming.

We are proud to be partnering with Story Giant Games on what can only be described as “not your average word game”.

Text Express is not only a beautifully designed game, but one with strong values - values we at Gamehouse endeavor to uphold and champion with our ever growing audience of millions of players!

Text Express History

Our own adventure started three years ago when we decided to create our most ambitious game yet.
A word adventure that takes the player along for a journey, an original story filled with exploration
and discovery. Many iterations have brought us to the amazing game Text Express is today.

And every day we wake up excited to work on Text Express, expand its world, invent new ways to play and fill our players' hearts with joy. 


Story Giant Games

Cecilia Speer -  Producer

Tj'ièn Twijnstra - Game Director

Daan Boon - Art Engineer

Roel Verbroekken - Programmer

Sebastiaan van Waardenberg - Studio Director/Writer

Ruud Havenith - Art Director

Luc Bloom -  Programmer


Michal Newaik - Q&A Tester

Jonathan van den Wijngaarden - Composer

Adam Gubam - Composer

Text Express couldn't exist without: Bart van den Berg, Jeremy Hoffman, José Koppes, Raymon Manders, Jennifer Klement, Diana Adams-Dumee, Anatoly Ivanov, Ivan Kostadinov, Melvin Poos, Lyudmil Pashayanov, Stan Uzunov